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I think im dead

Im so tired its not even funny...Yesterday I picked up Mark at like 11 and we hung out with Keri and stuff until like 8 then we drove back to Eustis and I showed those 2 things I love about Eustis. Of course they didn't care but whateva I love it. So then Keri and I went back to Orlando and ate our wendys salad and then we hung out with Kevin he is a super cool guy actually we hung out with him twice yesterday. So that was cool but Im extremely tired Im running on 2hrs of sleep. I went to that driving class today so I cant get stuff taken care of for my ticket. The class was way boring and this lil old lady kept tellin me not to fall asleep. It was funny. Hm ok I don't understand why my grandmother yells at me for stuff I don't do. If anything I try to help her. I can't wait to get out. It's only a matter of time.
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