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Hearts don't forget to break...

TOnight was cool. picked up keri then we got Nikki and Kevin and we all went to the A day to remember show (sorry no one was there Neil...next time it'll be better) It was cool this kid mike showed up and his friend. And Gregg from ANDREW W.K. mmhmm It was super. Keri is good friends with him...Family friend or somethig of that sort. Well it was freaking awesome. It was really cool to be around someone like that. I didnt want to act excited but on the inside I really was and he was just really cool. He kept pickin on me and stuff. After the show most of ADTR,keri,kevin,nikki,greg,and ali nikkis gf went to dennys to get some grub. Then off to Kevins for some Mario Kart...I love that fooking game. And Keri and Kevin are together now which I think is super. He's a nice guy. Well Im out for the count. Holla back youngins.

Note to Keri...We need to find Emily a boyfriend. My heart=lonely </3
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