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Im going to get you boobie and Lucy Lu

Yesterday I picked up Keri and Tim and we went to some party...It was lame so we didn't stay too long. Then we went back to Kevin's where the party just kept going. A bunch of crazy Atlanta boys. Who make out with eachother. Tim got drunk off his ass once again...this time it was bad. Rique telling me to drink a beer. Falling asleep on the couch and having like 4 kids fall on top of you seeing Nicks penis. Yeah fun times. We ended up staying there all night. I fell asleep for a bit and then woke up to these 2 odd ladies trying to get Tim to take showers with them and telling me how pretty my eyes were. Mad weird. Keri cooked me pancakes. I have been up for over 24hrs now! ROck!

Pictures as soon as photobucket stops being gay.
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