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Operation Kill My Moms Boyfriend

FUcking Jerk called her a slut and told her she was stupid. I fucking hate him and hope he crashes his car into a tree. He needs to remember who's house he is living in and who takes care of his fucking ugly ass kids when they are here. My mom is the shit 99.9% an amazing lady who has been through hell and back already and doesnt need his shit. BLAH. I hate that stupid fat ass fucker. I hope he burns.

On a brighter note my truck only needs a tune up and it should be ok...IBAR on thursday I believe with jeannie and whoever else. Hopefully do something tomorrow night I get off at 4.

Saturday I got off so if any one wants to hang let me know.

Leave a comment with your name and I'll tell you how I feel about you...then post it in your journal so I can see how you feel about me

I Fooking Rock Your socks...GO suck a cock!
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